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assets/downloads/boxofficereport.xls.pdfBox Office

Box Office & Concessions Report (PDF)
Box Office Signup Sheet (Single Production Spring Semester) (DOC)
Box Office Signup Sheet (Traditional 2 Production Fall Season) (DOC)
Box Office Signup Sheet (Traditional 2 Production Spring Season) (DOC)
Box Office OGM Worksheet (password protected)
Box Office Telephone Procedures (password protected)

Handbook and Contacts

The Bible (Contacts) (password protected)
Todd Emergency Handbook (PDF)
Todd Emergency Handbook Release Form (PDF)


Drama House Usage Agreement Form (PDF)
Front of House Announcements (password protected)
General Loan Agreement (technical and furniture items) (PDF)
Post Mortem Worksheet (DOC and PDF) (password protected)
Props Borrowing/Loan Form (PDF)
UR Academic Calendar
Workplace Incident/Injury Report (PDF)