Maintaining and continuing to build a theatre program of the ambition, quality and scope of the UR International Theatre Program is an ongoing challenge. Providing the resources, opportunities and experiences for both our students and our guest artists stretches our resources to their limits.

Even a small gift can make a huge impact. For example if three alumni give $50 it could fund air travel for one guest artist, and $500 would cover the sound budget for one production. All contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

You could help by:

  • Making gift to the theatre program
  • Sponsoring a guest artist/director
  • Commissioning a new work
  • Funding a theatre prize
  • Sponsoring the printed program for (and dramaturgical research on) a production
  • Joining with a group of friends/cast members/alumni and making a named gift on behalf of a graduating class, a past production, or a loved one

Thinking of making a gift to the Theatre Program? Make a secure gift online! You can donate to either the College - UR International Theatre Program or the Theatre Capital Fund. Both help our program!

If you would like to consider the many ways of giving to the Theatre Program, request a copy of our Giving Prospectus or fill out our contact me form to have someone from Todd Theatre contact you.