Interns, Assistants, and Affiliated Staff

 Hanging Lights

Theatre Program Intern: Annika Almquist [view past interns]

Production Stage Managers & Asst. PSMs: Alex Potter, Mercedes Steiner, Megan Clark, River Baugh, with assistants: Perry Fraser, Anagha Nair, and TBD.

Master Electrician & Assistant Master Electricians: Puck Moser, with assistants: Ashley An, River Baugh, and  Perry Fraser

Audio Visual Engineers and Asst. Audio Visual Engineers: Kwame Edu-Ansah & Michael Foster, with assistant: Jared Lipkin

Scene Shop Assistants:  Anna Bakina, Zoe Burroughs, Joseph Meltzer, Noah Rubin, Onosejere Ugbenin, and Cristina, Valenzuela

Props Assistants: Ashley An, Rey Hankinson, Kyra Simmons, and Miranda Stewart

Assistant Costume Shop Manager:

Costume Shop Interns: Isabella Kelly, Manita Opuku, and Mercedes Stiner

for UR Performing!: TBA (Creative Directors)

URITP Archival Videographer: Michael (Skooter) Capehart

URITP/IPA Production Videos by: Michael (Skooter) Capehart

URITP Production Photography by: Keith Waters

URITP Graphic Design by