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Primary Faculty

Maya Abtahian

Abtahian, Maya Ravindranath

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Linguistics
  • Director of Undergraduate Studies

Interests: Sociolinguistics and language variation

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Asudeh, Ash

  • Professor
  • Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Linguistics
    Director, Center for Language Sciences


Interests: Syntax; Semantics; Pragmatics; Logic, Language, and Computation; Cognitive Science

Greg Carlson

Carlson, Greg

  • Professor Emeritus of Linguistics

Interests: Semantic Theory; Psycholinguistics; Discourse

Nadine Grimm

Grimm, Nadine

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Linguistics
  • Director, Language Documentation and Description Program

Interests: Grammatical tone; Language documentation and description; Typology; African languages, particularly Bantu

Scott Grimm

Grimm, Scott

  • Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics
  • Director of Quantitative Semantics Lab


Joyce McDonough

McDonough, Joyce

  • Professor and Chair, Department of Linguistics


Interests: Phonetics, phonology and morphology and their interfaces; Laboratory phonology; Dene (Athabaskan) linguistics; Neural coding of vowels (w Laurel Carney)

Asia Pietraszko

Pietraszko, Asia

  • Assistant Professor


Interests: Syntax and morphology; Verbal morphosyntax in Bantu languages; Clausal architecture and phenomena underlying structure building

Jeff Runner

Runner, Jeffrey T.

  • Dean of the College in Arts, Sciences and Engineering
  • Professor of Linguistics and Brain & Cognitive Sciences

Interests: Experimental Syntax; Syntactic/Linguistic Theory; Binding Theory; Syntax Processing; Phrase Structure; Syntax/Semantics Interface

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White, Aaron

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Linguistics


Interests: Computational psycholinguistics; Syntactic and semantic theory; First language acquisition