Rachel Glade Photo

Rachel Glade

  • Assistant Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

PhD, University of Colorado, Boulder

206A Hutchison
Office: (585) 273-4059
Fax: (585) 244-5689


Research Overview

My group studies how sediment transport shapes planetary surfaces through erosion and deposition. We use mathematical theory, numerical modeling, fieldwork, and physical experiments to better understand how landforms like rivers and hillslopes fundamentally work, with an eye toward connecting geomorphology with other fields. Ongoing research focuses on the formation of large-scale spatial patterns in arctic soils and their connection to fluid instabilities; sediment diffusion in rivers; the evolution of blocky, rocky hillslopes; and development and testing of landscape evolution models. In our lab, we're in the process of building a frozen hillslope inside of a walk-in climate chamber and a laminar flume to study sediment transport in rivers. 

Research Interests

  • Geomorphology; landscape evolution; sediment transport; fluids mechanics; granular physics; pattern formation

Selected Publications