Rory D. Cottrell

Rory D. Cottrell

  • Scientist

PhD, University of Rochester, 2000

209C Hutchison Hall
(585) 275-6025

Office Hours: By appointment


Curriculum Vitae

Research Overview

Paleointensity, Cretaceous paleomagnetism, plate motion and tectonics, hotspot motion, rock magnetism and environmental magnetism, experimental design for magnetic measurements.

Courses Offered (subject to change)

  • EES 201:  Evolution of the Earth
  • EES 205:  Solid Earth Geophysics
  • EES 256:  Paleomagnetism and Global Plate Tectonics
  • EES 259:  Seminar in Paleomagnetism

Selected Publications

  • J. A. Tarduno and R. D. Cottrell, Paleomagnetic evidence for motion of the Hawaiian hotspot during formation of the Emperor seamounts, Earth and Planetary Science Letters,153, 171-180, 1997.
  • J. A. Tarduno, D. B. Brinkman, P. R. Renne, R. D. Cottrell, H. Scher, P. Castillo, Evidence for Extreme Climatic Warmth from Late Cretaceous Arctic Vertebrates, Science,282, 2241-2244, 1998.
  • R. D. Cottrell and J. A. Tarduno, Geomagnetic paleointensity derived from single plagioclase crystals, Earth and Planetary Science Letters,169, 1-5, 1999.
  • R. D. Cottrell and J. A. Tarduno, Late Cretaceous True Polar Wander: Not So Fast, Science,288, 2283, 2000.
  • R. D. Cottrell and J. A. Tarduno, In search of high fidelity geomagnetic paleointensities: A comparison of single plagioclase crystal and whole rock Thellier-Thellier analyses, Journal of Geophysical Research,105, 23,579-23,594, 2000.
  • J. A. Tarduno, R. D. Cottrell, and Alexei V. Smirnov, High Geomagnetic Field Intensity During the mid-Cretaceous from Thellier Analyses of Single Plagioclase Crystals, Science, 291, 1779-1783, 2001.
  • J. A. Tarduno, R. D. Cottrell, and A. V. Smirnov, The Cretaceous superchron geodynamo: Observations near the tangent cylinder, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 99, 14020-14025, 2002.
  • R. D. Cottrell and J. A. Tarduno, A Late Cretaceous pole for the Pacific plate: implications for apparent and true polar wander and the drift of hotspots, Tectonophysics,362, 321-333, 2003.
  • J. A. Tarduno, R. A. Duncan, D. W. Scholl, R. D. Cottrell, B. Steinberger, T. Thordarson, B. C. Kerr, C. R. Neal, F. A. Frey, M. Torii, and C. Carvallo, The Emperor Seamounts: Southward Motion of the Hawaiian Hotspot Plume in Earth's Mantle, Science,301, 1064-1069, 2003.
  • J. A. Tarduno and R. D. Cottrell, Dipole strength and variation of the time-averaged reversing and nonreversing geodynamo based on Thellier analyses of single plagioclase crystals, Journal of Geophysical Research,110, B11101, doi:10.1029/2005JB003970, 2005.
  • J. A. Tarduno, R. D. Cottrell, and Alexei V. Smirnov, The paleomagnetism of single silicate crystals: Recording geomagnetic field strength during mixed polarity intervals, superchrons, and inner core growth, Reviews in Geophysics,44(1), RG1002, 10.1029/2005RG000189, 2006.
  • J. A. Tarduno, R. D. Cottrell, M. K. Watkeys, and D. Bauch, Geomagnetic field strength 3.2 billion years ago recorded by single silicate crystals, Nature,446, 657-660, doi:10.1038/nature05667, 2007.
  • R. D. Cottrell, J. A. Tarduno, and J. Roberts, The Kiaman Reversed Polarity Superchron at Kiama: Toward a field strength estimate based on single silicate crystals, Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors, 169, 49-58, doi:10.1016/j.pepi.2008.07.041, 2008.
  • J.A. Tarduno,  R.D. Cottrell, M.K. Watkeys, A. Hofmann, P.V. Doubrovine, E.E. Mamajek, D. Liu, D.G. Sibeck, L.P. Neukirch and Y. Usui, Geodynamo, Solar wind, and magnetopause 3.4 to 3.45 billion years ago, Science, 327, 1238-1240, 2010.
  • J.A. Tarduno,  R.D. Cottrell, F. Nimmo, J. Hopkins, J. Voronov, A. Erickson, E.G. Blackman, E.R.D. Scott, R. McKinley, Evidence for a Dynamo in the Main Group Pallasite Parent Body, Science, 338, 939-942, 2012.
  • J.A. Tarduno,  R.D. Cottrell, Signals from the ancient geodynamo: A paleomagnetic field test on the Jack Hills metaconglomerate, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 367, 123-132, 2013.
  • Tarduno, J.A., Watkeys, M.K.,  Huffman, T.N.,  Cottrell, R.D., Blackman, E.G., Wendt, A.,  Scribner, C.A.,  Wagner, C.L., Antiquity of the South Atlantic Anomaly and evidence for top-down control on the geodynamo, Nature Communications, 6, Article no. 7865, 2015.
  • Tarduno, J.A., Cottrell, R.D., Davis, W.J., Nimmo, F., Bono, R.K., A Hadean to Paleoarchean geodynao recorded by single zircon crystals, Science, 349, 521-524, 2015.
  • Cottrell, R.D., Tarduno, J.A., Bono, R.K., Dare, M.S., Mitra, G., The inverse microconglomerate test: Further evidence for the preservation of Hadean magnetizations in metasediments of the Jack Hills, Western Australia, Geophysical Research Letters, 43, 4215-4220, 2016.