Primary Research Courses for Biology General Track Major


  • BIOL 202:  Molecular Biology
  • BIOL 204/204P: Principles of Human Physiology with Lab
  • BIOL 206: Eukaryotic Genomes
  • BIOL 220: Advanced Cell Biology
  • BIOL 222: Biology of Aging
  • BIOL 226: Developmental Biology
  • BIOL 257L: Applied Genomics
  • BIOL 260: Animal Behavior


  • BIOL 219L: Genomics of Quantitative Traits
  • BIOL 243: Eukaryotic Gene Regulation
  • BIOL 255: Behavioral Endocrinology 
  • BIOL 278: Biochemical Mechanisms of Cellular Processes
  • NSCI 246: Biology of Mental Disorders

Course descriptions are available on the Course Descriptions Course Schedules (CDCS) website 

Can’t find what you are looking for? Contact your major advisor for consultation on course selections and approval of other biological sciences courses not listed.

Check the UR Course Description/Course Schedule at: to make certain prerequisites are met before taking the class.