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Undergraduate Program

Formal Teaching Laboratories

Labs included in lectures (0 credits)

  • BIO 110L Principles of Biology I with Lab
  • BIO 112L: Perspectives in Biology I with Lab
  • BIO 217L: Principles of Human Anatomy with Lab
  • BIO 219L: Genomics of Quantative Traits with Computer Lab
  • BIO 250L Introduction to Biochemistry with Lab
  • BIO 253L: Computational Biology with Computer Lab
  • BIO 257L: Applied Genomics with Computer Lab

*Restrictions:  BA BIO majors may use no more then one computer lab to satisfy a lab experience.

   One Credit /Half-Labs - Meets once per week

  • BIO 117P: Into Biology Laboratory (Not offered after Spring 18; may use if taken)
  • BIO 198P: Principles of Genetics
  • BIO 204P: Mammalian Physiology
  • BIO 218P: Data Analysis in R Computer Laboratory
  • EES 201: Evolution of the Earth - Laboratory included in course / may be used to satisfy a lab and an elective for the BA BIO major
  • NSC 201P:  Basic Neurobiology Lab

*Restrictions:  BA BIO majors may use no more then one computer lab to satisfy a lab experience.  

Four Credit Labs / Full Labs - Meets twice per week 

  • BIO 225: Ecology & Evolutionary Bio Laboratory
  • BIO 268: Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology Laboratory
  • BCH 208: Biochemistry Laboratory
  • MBI 221w: Microbiology
*Restrictions: BA BIO Majors may use four credit labs to satisfy one lab experience.  

Independent Research Courses

Four-credit Independent Research (395) courses may be used to meet requirements for some (not all) UPBM Majors. Students should consult the website of their intended UPBM major, AND WITH RESPECTIVE FACULTY ADVISOR to investigate possible applications prior to registering.

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