Social Development and Family Processes

Research lab group photo.

About Us

Welcome to the Social Development and Family Processes Research Group in the Department of Psychology, University of Rochester.

We can be reached by contacting:

Professor Judi Smetana
Department of Psychology
University of Rochester
P.O. Box 270266
Rochester, NY 14627

We are engaged in a number of research projects in the area of social development and family processes. Our current lines of research include:

  • Adolescent-parent relationships in different cultural contexts
  • Parenting beliefs and parenting practices
  • Autonomy and the personal domain
  • Children's moral and affective judgments
  • Cultural influences on development

Please see our current projects web page for more specific project titles and descriptions.

The research group includes faculty and graduate students in the developmental psychology program area. For inquiries about the graduate program in developmental psychology, please visit the developmental program area.