Developmental Psychology

Training Tracks

Students have the option of earning their developmental psychology degree through one of two training tracks:

  • Developmental psychology training track
  • Developmental psychopathology training track

Within each of the tracks, students also enjoy considerable latitude to select coursework and training experiences to meet the requirements of the training tracks. The specific details on the curriculum of each training track are presented below.

Developmental Psychology Training Track

The developmental psychology training track offers students intensive and personalized research training in the different areas of the developmental sciences reflected in our faculty's interests.

Students in this track complete departmental methodology and core course requirements as well as a year-long core course sequence in developmental psychology. They take additional advanced coursework in statistics and in developmental psychology.

Students in this track are expected to begin their involvement in research in their first year in the program and focus increasingly on research as they progress through the program.

For more information see the developmental psychology training page

Developmental Psychopathology Training Track

The developmental psychopathology track is designed to prepare students for careers in research and teaching in the developmental sciences and is a great option for students earning a PhD in developmental psychology that are not eligible for clinical licensure.*

The track emphasizes understanding the origins, correlates, course, and sequelae of abnormal as well as normal development and an appreciation of how individual adjustment is informed by a multiplicity of processes at multiple levels of analysis. Emphasis is also placed on becoming versed in the translation of knowledge into prevention and intervention programs designed to optimize human development.

For more information see the developmental psychopathology training page

*Students who are interested in obtaining a clinical degree should apply to the clinical psychology program.