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Aboussleman, Andrew

MA student, Linguistics | (585) 276-7390
202B Schlegel

Maya Abtahian

Abtahian, Maya Ravindranath

Assistant Professor | (585) 275-4258
514 Lattimore Hall

Interests: Sociolinguistics and language variation

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Allen, James

John H. Dessauer Professor of Computer Science
Professor of Computer Science
Professor of Department of Linguistics, Secondary Appointment
721  CSB

Solveiga Armoskaite

Armoskaite, Solveiga

Assistant Professor
Undergraduate Advisor of Linguistics | (585) 273-5218
510 Lattimore Hall

Interests: Syntax; Morphosyntax; Gender; Grammatical categories; Language documentation

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Becker, Sapphire

MS Computational Linguistics

Greg Carlson

Carlson, Greg

Professor of Linguistics, Philosophy and Brain & Cognitive Sciences
Director of Center for the Language Sceinces | (585) 275-5907
507 Lattimore Hall

Interests: Semantic Theory; Psycholinguistics; Discourse

Erica Dayton

Dayton, Erica

Department Administrator | (585) 275-8053
503 Lattimore

Sasha Eloi

Eloi, Sasha

Instructor, Linguistics | (585) 275-3157
2161 Dewey Hall

Scott Grimm

Grimm, Scott

Assistant Professor | (585) 275-5136
512 Lattimore Hall

Nadine Grimm

Grimm, Nadine

Assistant Professor | (585) 273-2366
509 Lattimore Hall

Interests: Language documentation and description; Fieldwork; Phonology; Morphology; African languages (in particular Bantu languages); Language contact; Languages of hunting and gathering societies; Numeral systems; Language of perception

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Ibarra, Alyssa

PhD Student, BCS and Linguistics
515 Lattimore

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Iglinski, Peter

Linguistics, MA program, Senior Press Officer for Science and Public Media, University of Rochester | (585) 276-4811
515 Lattimore

Joyce McDonough

McDonough, Joyce

Professor, Department of Linguistics | (585) 275-2895
505 Lattimore Hall

Interests: Phonetics, phonology and morphology and their interfaces; Laboratory phonology; Dene (Athabaskan) linguistics; Neural coding of vowels (w Laurel Carney)

Jeff Runner

Runner, Jeffrey T.

Chair of Department of Linguistics
Faculty Development and Diversity Officer of Arts, Sciences and Engineering | (585) 275-2626
511A Lattimore Hall

Interests: Experimental Syntax; Syntactic/Linguistic Theory; Binding Theory; Syntax Processing; Phrase Structure; Syntax/Semantics Interface

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Silva, Wilson

Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Rochester Institute of Technology
Faculty Affiliate, Linguistics, University of Rochester
3134 Eastman Hall RIT

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Tanenhaus, Michael

Beverly Petterson Bishop and Charles W. Bishop Professor
Professor of Brain and Cognitive Sciences
Professor of Department of Linguistics, Secondary Appointment

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Xu, Yuhang

PhD Student, Linguistics and BCS
515 Lattimore