Joyce McDonough

Professor, Department of Linguistics
PhD, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, 1990

505 Lattimore Hall
(585) 275-2895
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Current Projects


Tonal Placement: Interaction of Qualitative and Quantitative Factors.
Volkswagen Foundation

ToPIQQ, funded by Volkswagen Foundation, is a consortium of  several individual projects with an international group of researchers investigating the placement and distribution of tonal events in a number of unrelated languages that have challenged current theories of tone and intonation. In order to model both the qualitative and quantitative factors that play a role in tonal placement, ToPIQQ appeals to dynamical systems.

2. Vowel Coding in the midbrain

Online Resources

Dene Speech Atlas: Seeds for the Future

Website for Dene Speech Atlas (NSF#0853929). Feedback welcome. Contact me. Metasite for the DSA.

This is the Google Earth Interface developed for Dene Speech Atlas. A Google Earth layer file (.kmz) that identifies the Dene communities in the Mackenzie Basin Drainage. The Google earth interface is also available on the DSA website.

Field data collection techniques

Toy Game (McDonough & Lachler) and Toy Game Protocol (1 page). The Toy Game is a field technique for collecting natural conversation. It is based on the Map Task but adapted to field situations.

Research Aspects

Academic Service


Links: Music Cognition Symposium

Courses Offered (subject to change)

  • LIN 210  Language Sound Structures
  • LIN 227 / 427  Topics in Phonetics and Phonology, Spring 2015
  • LIN 226  Morphology
  • LIN 389  Senior Seminar: Field Methods, Spring 2015

Selected Publications

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