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Jonathan Baldo

Baldo, Jonathan

Professor of English, Department of Humanities, Eastman School of Music | (585) 274-1610
606 Eastman Theater

Interests: Shakespeare; early modern cultural studies; literary theory

Melissa Balmain

Balmain, Melissa

Adjunct Instructor | (585) 275-2160
419 Morey Hall

Professor of English David Bleich

Bleich, David

Professor | (585) 275-8568
409 Morey Hall

Interests: Literary and language theory; writing and language pedagogy; women's studies; science studies; Jewish studies; film and popular culture

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Burges, Joel

Assistant Professor of English | (585) 275-2694
413 Morey Hall

Interests: Post-1945 cultural studies; media studies; critical theory; American and contemporary literature


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Carli, Philip

Adjunct Instructor | (585) 275-4104
404a Morey Hall


Morris Eaves

Eaves, Morris

Professor of English and Richard L. Turner Professor of Humanities
Director, A. W. Mellon Graduate Program in the Digital Humanities for the School of Arts & Sciences | (585) 275-9025
301 Morey Hall

Interests: British Romanticism; Media history and theory; Editorial theory; William Blake Archive Project


Brady Fletcher

Fletcher, Brady

Director of Forensics for Debate Union | (585) 275-3873
1.208a Dewey


Kenneth Gross

Gross, Kenneth

Alan F. Hilfiker Distinguished Professor of English | (585) 275-4098
404B Morey Hall

Interests: Shakespeare; lyric poetry; Renaissance literature; romance

Jennifer Grotz

Grotz, Jennifer

Professor | (585) 275-4092
406 Morey Hall

Interests: Poetry; creative writing; translation


Thomas Hahn

Hahn, Thomas

Professor | (585) 275-5664
402A Morey Hall

Interests: Medieval literature and culture; popular culture

Gregory Heyworth

Heyworth, Gregory

Associate Professor of English and Textual Science; Director, Lazarus Project | (585) 275-2548
408 Morey Hall

Sarah Higley

Higley, Sarah L

Professor | (585) 275-9261
411 Morey Hall

Interests: Medieval vernacular languages and literature of Northern Europe; film and media studies; fiction


Rosemary Kegl

Kegl, Rosemary

Associate Professor
Chair of the Department for English | (585) 275-4092
423A Morey Hall

Interests: Shakespeare and English Renaissance drama; early modern literature and culture; literary theory; gender studies


Bette London

London, Bette

Professor | (585) 275-3510
304 Morey Hall

Interests: Twentieth-century British literature; Victorian literature and culture; feminist theory; women's writing; authorship studies

James Longenbach

Longenbach, James

Joseph Henry Gilmore Professor of English | (585) 275-4587
401A Morey Hall

Interests: Modernism; poetry; creative writing


Nigel Maister

Maister, Nigel

Senior Lecturer
Artistic Director for the International Theatre Program | (585) 273-5159
210 Todd Union

Interests: New music; multimedia performance

Katherine Mannheimer

Mannheimer, Katherine

Associate Professor of English
Director for Graduate Studies | (585) 275-9257
417 Morey Hall

Interests: Restoration; Eighteenth-century literature

James Memmott

Memmott, James

Adjunct Assistant Professor of English | (585) 275-2160
419 Morey Hall

Interests: Journalism

John Michael

Michael, John

Professor of English and Visual and Cultural Studies | (585) 275-4974
405 Morey Hall

Interests: American literature; critical theory; cultural studies

Jason Middleton

Middleton, Jason

Associate Professor
Director for Film and Media Studies Program | (585) 275-9372
511 Morey Hall

Interests: Film and media studies; critical theory; cultural studies

William Miller

Miller, William

Assistant Professor | (585) 275-2574
410 Morey Hall

Interests: 17th century literature; 18th century literature; literature and religion; literature and philosophy


Supritha Rajan

Rajan, Supritha

Associate Professor of English | (585) 275-9263
415 Morey Hall

Interests: Nineteenth-century British literature; critical theory; creative writing (poetry)

Gordon Rice

Rice, Gordon

Senior Lecturer
Production Manager for the International Theatre Program | (585) 275-9006
205 Todd Union

Interests: Technical direction; production management

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Rozenski, Steven

Assistant Professor | (585) 276-7325
416 Morey

Interests: Middle English devotional literature; translation studies; book history; medieval German and Dutch literature; trans-Reformation England


Stephen Schottenfeld

Schottenfeld, Stephen

Associate Professor of English | (585) 275-6477
414 Morey Hall

Interests: Modern and contemporary literature; fiction writing; playwriting; screenwriting

Joanna Scott

Scott, Joanna

Roswell Smith Burrows Professor of English
Director for Literary Arts Programs | (585) 275-2784
404C Morey Hall

Interests: Modern and contemporary fiction; the art of imaginative writing

Curt Smith

Smith, Curt

Senior Lecturer in English | (585) 275-4260
320 Morey Hall

Interests: Presidential rhetoric; American presidents of the radio/television age; Public speaking; Sports broadcasting, with emphasis on baseball, football, basketball, and hockey


Ezra Tawil

Tawil, Ezra

Associate Professor of English
Director of Undergraduate Studies | (585) 275-5050
412 Morey Hall

Interests: American literature to 1900; rise of the novel; the literary history of race; American sentimentalism; transatlantic theories of the aesthetic

Jeffrey Tucker

Tucker, Jeffrey Allen

Associate Professor of English | (585) 275-2064
418 Morey Hall

Interests: African-American literature; 20th-century American literature; science fiction