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Spring 2023 Courses for First-Year Students

In the English Department, first-year students are welcome to enroll in any 100- or 200-level course. However, in the sampling below, you'll find courses that are specifically designed to provide an introduction to the study of English Literature, Film, Creative Writing, Theater and Communication.

Course #TitleSemesterDayBeginEndInstructor
100Great Books: A Brief History of Western LitSpringTR12301345Tawil
114British Literature IISpringTR12301345Bayne
116Intro to African American LiteratureSpringMW10251140Alafaireet
117Intro to the Art of FilmSpringTR9401055Middleton
118Intro to Media StudiesSpringTR12301345Burges
121Intro to Creative Writing FictionSpringT14001640Scott
121Intro to Creative Writing FictionSpringW14001640Hansen
121Intro to Creative Writing FictionSpringR14001640Hansen
122Intro to Creative Writing: PoetrySpringM16501930Wessels
124Intro to Lighting for StageSpringT/R9401055Hamilton
132Feature WritingSpringR18152055Liu
134Public SpeakingSpringT/R9401055Smith
135Intro to DebateSpringT/R14001515Fletcher
154Intro to Design for StageSpringM10251305Reiser
170Technical TheaterSpringM/W9001015Lawlor


Check the course schedules/descriptions available via the Registrar's Office for the official schedules for the widest range of terms for which such information is available.