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Steering Committee

Theodore Brown

Brown, Theodore M.

  • Professor Emeritus of History; Professor Emeritus of Public Health Sciences

    Interests: Dr. Brown's research falls into several areas, including the history of American psychiatry and psychosomatic medicine; the influence of organized philanthropy on medical research, health policy, and medical education; the American health left and its role in both domestic and international health policy; and the history of American and global public health.

    Nancy Chin

    Chin, Nancy

    • Associate Professor, Undergraduate Public Health-Related Programs

    Interests: Dr. Chin is interested in social class gradients in health, and women's position in society and its impact on their health and the health of their children. Dr. Chin’s teaching responsibilities include: PH 101 Introduction to Public Health I; PH 215 Public Health Anthropology; PH 265 Global Health; and PH 397W Community Engagement Internship. Dr. Chin is the primary advisor for students majoring in Health, Behavior, and Society.

    Richard Dees

    Dees, Richard

    • Professor of Philosophy and Bioethics


    Interests: Dr. Dees works on issues at the intersection of neuroscience and ethics in neuroethics and at the intersection of political philosophy and health care in public health ethics. He has a particular interest in the ethical issues in newborn screening, in the moral permissibility of enhancement technologies, and in the nature and meaning of death.

    Molly McNulty

    McNulty, Molly

    • Assistant Professor of Public Health, Multidisciplinary Studies Center

    Interests: Dr. McNulty is interested in the role of law and the policymaking process in health policy, focusing on health equity for the poor and underserved, with particular emphasis on maternal, child and adolescent health. She is also interested in innovative teaching methods, including community-engaged pedagogy. Dr. McNulty's teaching responsibilities include: PH 230 Public Health Law and Policy; PH 236 Healthcare and the Law; PH 234 Maternal Child Health Policy and Advocacy (forthcoming Spring 2020). She also supervises PH 394D Health Department Internship. Dr. McNulty is the primary advisor for students majoring in Health Policy for the 2019-2020 academic year.

    Mical Raz

    Raz, Mical

    • Associate Professor of History


    Interests: Dr. Raz works on the intersection of race, public health and policy interventions. She is currently completing a book on the history of child abuse policy making. Other interests include maternal health, child welfare, and poverty intervention from a public health perspective.

    Edwin VanWijngaarden

    VanWijngaarden, Edwin

    • Professor of Public Health Sciences, Environmental Medicine, Pediatrics, Dentistry, and Community Health


    Interests: Dr. van Wijngaarden's primary research efforts have focused on the influence of environmental exposures on cognitive outcomes in children and adults. He leads the Seychelles Child Development Study (SCDS) which for over 30 years has investigated the impact of pre- and postnatal methylmercury exposure on child development. He also has significant collaborative research experience in clinical and population health research. Dr. van Wijngaarden's teaching responsibilities include: PH 201W Environmental Health and PM 413 Field Epidemiology. He is the primary advisor for students majoring in Epidemiology and for students majoring in Environmental Health.