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Faculty Research

Below is a partial list of faculty conducting research related to public health (PH).

Faculty Teaching PH Courses

Alio, Amina
Assistant Professor of Public Health Sciences

Dr. Alio has extensive experience in community-based participatory research, qualitative and quantitative methods, and evaluation design. Her research areas include racial/ethnic health disparities and global health.

Specifically, Dr. Alio focuses on the impact of behavioral, psychosocial, and environmental factors on pregnancy outcomes, particularly among African Americans. Her international research is in women's reproductive health, HIV prevention, intimate partner violence, and pregnancy outcomes in sub-Saharan Africa.

Brown, Theodore
Charles and Dale Phelps Professor of Public Health and Policy
Professor of History and Public Health Sciences
Member of the Steering Committee for Public Health-Related Majors

Dr. Brown’s research falls into several areas, including the:

  • History of American psychiatry and psychosomatic medicine
  • Influence of organized philanthropy on medical research, health policy, and medical education
  • American health left, and its role in both domestic and international health policy
  • History of American and global public health

Chin, Nancy
Associate Professor of Public Health Sciences and Medical Humanities
Member of the Steering Committee for Public Health-Related Majors

Dr. Chin is interested in social class gradients in health, and women's position in society and its impact on their health and the health of their children.

Dees, Richard
Associate Professor of Philosophy and Bioethics
Chair of the Steering Committee for Public Health-Related Majors

Dr. Dees’s research focuses on the:

  • Social and conceptual foundations of liberal institutions and practices
  • Historical foundations of modern politics in the eighteenth century
  • Health care ethics, including justifications for modifying our brains, and the intersection of health care and political philosophy in public health ethics

His current work includes projects on newborn screening and on the harms we can do to the dead.

Korfmacher, Katrina
Associate Professor of Environmental Medicine and Public Health Sciences

Dr. Korfmacher focuses on the two-way links between environmental health research and the information needs of the community. Her primary focus is addressing environmental health information and policy needs of the communities in and around Rochester.

Kyker, Jennifer
Assistant Professor of Music

Supported by a Fulbright-Hays Fellowship, Dr. Kyker’s doctoral research explored issues of audience reception in postcolonial Zimbabwean popular music, with a special focus on vocalist and guitarist Oliver Mtukudzi.

In addition to her work on popular music, Professor Kyker has a long history of involvement studying the mbira dzavadzimu, an instrument played at various ritual events in Zimbabwe. Among her research interests are how women navigate expectations of gender in mbira performance, as well as the evolution of neo-traditional musical styles, such as the contemporary Zimbabwean marimba.

Morgan, Adrienne
Assistant Professor of Medical Humanities

Dr. Morgan’s research focuses on the access and retention for students of color in academic settings, academic achievement, and higher education leadership. Her recently completed dissertation focused on factors that contribute to the success of Black male medical students attending predominately White medical school.

Seplaki, Christopher
Assistant Professor of Public Health Sciences

Dr. Seplaki's overarching goals are to understand how challenges in the social and physical environment interact with the biological processes of aging, and how to translate that understanding into effective interventions that reduce disability and mortality among older adults.

His research, spanning both the individual and population level, encompasses physical and social characteristics of the home environment that support or challenge elders, life stressors, and socioeconomic status. He examines how these factors are related to changes in biological indicators of several physiological systems and self-reports of physical and mental health. Key themes in his work include an emphasis on measurement and estimation issues and a focus on sub-clinical disease processes related to geriatric frailty and allostatic load, including development of measures of health risk related to multi-system dysregulation.

Taken together, Dr. Seplaki's research seeks to provide an integrated perspective on trajectories of health in late life and, ultimately, identify opportunities to reduce disability and mortality, and improve the ability of older adults to continue to live independently.

Shaw, Margie
Assistant Professor of Bioethics

Dr. Shaw is interested in issues related to health care law, particularly state laws on abortion, brain death, and Medicaid.

Van Wijngaarden, Edwin
Associate Professor of Public Health Sciences, Environmental Medicine, and Dentistry
Member of the Steering Committee for Public Health-Related Majors

Dr. Van Wijngaarden’s research focuses on the potential role of occupational and environmental exposures (primarily heavy metals and pesticides) in the development of cancer and neurological conditions in both children and adults.

White, Ann Marie
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Director of the Office of Mental Health Promotion

Dr. White promotes mental health supporting behaviors, services utilization, and mental illness prevention strategies within community-based settings. Her research interests focus on successful transitions into adulthood. Her research experiences in developmental psychology emphasize the role of community settings such as childcare, arts centers, and after-school programs in the development of children and adolescents.

She is currently examining causal inference of social media and social network data on the spread of flu, depression, social support, and violence.

River Campus Faculty

Caetano, Carolina
Assistant Professor of Economics

Her interests now are in the effects of smoking during pregnancy, and on the effects of breastfeeding for child development.

FitzPatrick, William
Associate Professor of Philosophy

Dr. FitzPatrick has an interest in many questions in bioethics, especially related to stem cell research and the moral status of embryos. (Bioethics students only.)

Hudson, Larry
Associate Professor of History

Dr. Hudson is interested in the relationship between poverty and health in the African-American community.

Jamieson, Jeremy
Assistant Professor of Clinical and Social Sciences in Psychology

Dr. Jamieson’s research is primarily concerned with understanding the effects of social stress on emotions, decision making, and health. He uses a multi-method approach, and autonomic and neuroendocrine physiological measures. His work looks at the effects of acute stress (and coping strategies) on health outcomes, and developmental differences in health behaviors and race-based health disparities.

Klorman, Rafael
Professor of Clinical and Social Sciences in Psychology

Dr. Klorman conducts research on autism and attention deficit disorder.

Yildiz, Nese
Assistant Professor of Economics

Dr. Yildiz’s research is on developing econometrics tools for evaluating effects of treatment.

Medical School Faculty

All of the faculty in the Department of Public Health Sciences conduct research related to public health. Please consult their web page for more information.