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Barrett, Andrew

    Andrew Barrett is a translator and musician, who lives in Detroit, Michigan. He translates poetry and literature from Ancient Greek, Modern Greek and Latin. Andrew is currently working on translations of the alchemical texts of Zosimus, the fragments of Heraclitus and Nonnus' Dionysiaca. He holds an MA in literary translation studies from the University of Rochester and currently teaches classical mythology at Wayne State University.

    Lisa Cerami

    Cerami, Lisa

    • Assistant Professor of German
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    Charette, Allison

      Allison M. Charette is a French translator and writer. A 2014 graduate of the MALTS program, she founded the Emerging Literary Translators’ Network in America (ELTNA.org), a networking and support group for early-career translators, during her studies. She has published two book-length translations, in addition to short translated fiction that has appeared in InTranslation, the SAND Journal, and others. Currently, she is collaborating with French-speaking authors from Madagascar to introduce the Anglophone world to Malagasy literature in translation.

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      Givens, John

      • Professor of Russian
      • Head, Russian Program

      Interests: Russian language and literature; Russian film; translation

      Jennifer Grotz

      Grotz, Jennifer

      • Professor of English for the Department of English


      Susan Gustafson

      Gustafson, Susan

      • Karl F. and Bertha A. Fuchs Professor of German Studies
      • Literary Translation Studies Program Director


      Bette London

      London, Bette

      • Professor of English for the Department of English


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      Mahany, J.T.

        J.T. Mahany translates from French to English. He has a BA in Philosophy from Oglethorpe University, and is currently attending the University of Arkansas for an MFA in Literary Translation. His first translated novel, "Post-Exoticism in Ten Lessons: Lesson Eleven," by Antoine Volodine, is being published by Open Letter.

        John Michael

        Michael, John

        • Professor of English and Visual and Cultural Studies for the Department of English


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        O'Connor, Acacia

          Acacia O'Connor was among the first cohort of MALTS students, completing her degree in 2011 with a translation of Tommaso Pincio's "Exhausted Space" (minimumfax). An Italian translator, she works largely on contemporary prose and her special interests include dialect, southern Italy and works by women writers. Acacia earned her BA in English and Italian from Vassar College. In 2009 she was awarded for a Fulbright fellowship in Southern Italy. She currently lives in New York City and works at Columbia University as a writer and researcher. She also runs a lot.

          Ryan Prendergast

          Prendergast, Ryan

          • Associate Professor of Spanish for the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures


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          Pytalski, Janek

            Janek Pytalski is a graduate of the American Studies Center and the Department of English Studies at the University of Warsaw, Poland. In May of 2014 he graduated from the University of Rochester with MA in Literary Translation. He translates from Polish into English. Apart from translating fiction, Janek is interested in Machine Ethics, Philosophy of Science and Existential Risks.

            Rozenski, Steven

            • Associate Professor

            Interests: Middle English devotional literature; translation studies; book history; medieval German and Dutch literature; trans-Reformation England

            Claudia Schaefer

            Schaefer, Claudia

            • Rush Rhees Chair, Professor of Spanish and Comparative Literature, and of Film and Media Studies for the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures


            Stephen Schottenfeld

            Schottenfeld, Stephen

            • Associate Professor of English

            Interests: Modern and contemporary literature; fiction writing; playwriting; screenwriting

            Joanna Scott

            Scott, Joanna

            • Roswell Smith Burrows Professor of English for the Department of English


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            Straumanis, Kaija

              Kaija Straumanis translates from Latvian and German, and was one of the first cohort of students in the MALTS program. Her thesis project, Latvian author Inga Ābele’s novel High Tide, was subsequently published by Open Letter Books in 2013. Her second translation, Flesh-Coloured Dominoes by Latvian author Zigmunds Skujiņš, was published in 2014 by Arcadia Books. She is currently the Editorial Director at Open Letter, and is sometimes better known for her “Headshots” series of photographs.

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              Vanderhyden, Will

                Will Vanderhyden is a translator of Spanish and Latin American Fiction, he graduated from the MALTS program in 2013, and his translation of Carlos Labbé's Navidad & Matanza came out from Open Letter Books in the Spring of 2014. Will currently lives and works in Oakland, California.

                Sharon Willis

                Willis, Sharon

                • Professor of Art and Art History and Visual and Cultural Studies for the Department of Art and Art History