Fall 2000, vol. 1, no. 2

Working Papers in the Language Sciences at the University of Rochester (WPLS:UR) is an online publication of working papers from the University's interdisciplinary language sciences community.

The entire volume and individual papers are both available in PDF format below.

Entire volume

Editors: Katherine Crosswhite and Jim Magnuson

Optimality and opposed handshapes in Taiwan Sign Language

Jean Ann and Long Peng, pp. 173-194

How to use Young and Morgan's "The Navajo Language"

Joyce Mary McDonough, pp. 195-214

The perception of consonants by adults and infants: Categorical or categorized?

Bob McMurray, Michael Spivey, and Richard Aslin, pp. 215-256

The external object hypothesis and the case of object expletives

Jeffrey T. Runner