Human subject and protocols 

Experiments and data collection using human subjects must conform to the Department of Linguistics’ research protocols. Faculty and students involved in these research activities must have received CITI certification. 

The University of Rochester Department of Linguistics has protocols for the collection of data from human subjects that involve minimal or no risk.  Faculty members listed on the protocols, and both undergraduate and graduate students being supervised by faculty, may do experiments and data collections under these protocols, as long as they have received CITI certification and follow the protocols.  For inofrmation on research and reserach protocols held by individual faculty  please see the faculty websites. 

The Office for Human Subject Protection (OHSP) at the University of Rochester requires all study team members to successfully complete human subjects training through an on-line program called the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI Program) prior to conducting any human subject research.

  • Anyone who wishes to conduct research involving human subjects and be listed on a protocol must have completed the CITI certification and have received an IRB number. 

  • Before you begin your experiments or data collection, please send the faculty member whose protocol you are working under a copy of your official CITI certification with your number and expiry dates. 


If you have questions, please contact Professor Joyce McDonough

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