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Explore historical periods from multiple perspectives

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Take advantage of a close-knit community of scholars

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Work with distinguished faculty and research associates

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A podcast series created and performed by students in the Department of History

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Majors & Minors

Our undergraduate program encompasses social, economic, cultural, intellectual, political, and psychological approaches to historical problems and periods.

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Graduate Studies

Our small and select graduate program offers both MA and PhD degrees backed by the resources of a major research institution.

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The research and writing interests of our faculty fall into three spheres of inquiry: the world of nations, the world of goods, and the world of knowledge.

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A new way to teach history in the 21st century

"The students in my classes are clearly digital natives and are used to computer interaction," The ability to create immersive, interactive historical environments in which students "become their own detectives, is a win-win situation - a new way to do history education in the 21st century." - Prof. Michael Jarvis

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We offer clusters for non-majors that fulfill the social sciences divisional requirement of the Rochester curriculum.

Why HIS?

A history concentration cultivates skills in writing, research, and analytical thinking that serve our students in careers ranging from law to business, communications to education. Whether you’re interested in a specific time period, geographic area, or thematic focus, we bring history to life at Rochester.

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