Parallel Computing

Computer scientists, electrical and computer engineers, and statisticians are behind much of the data science research being done in a variety of fields.

cityscape with lots of little twitter text bubbles over itRobert Strawderman, professor and chair of biostatistics and computational biology, is laying important statistical groundwork to facilitate medical research. He and his team of 25 faculty members engage in both methodological and collaborative research and educate others at the University on the use of statistics in their work.

“This department is involved in all stages of data collection and analysis,” says Strawderman. “This includes developing clinical trials of new neurological therapies and in cardiovascular disease, predicting suicide risk among men and women in the United States Air Force, examining how genomic influences can affect human health in those with cancer and for other diseases, and much more.”

By designing studies and developing state-of-the-art methods and computational tools, Strawderman and his team are helping medical researchers here successfully query, analyze, and understand the increasing amounts of data now available.


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