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The Goergen Institute for Data Science acts as the center of interdisciplinary research and studies in data science at the University of Rochester. The institute brings together the natural sciences, social sciences, and engineering to pioneer new advances in data science.

The University is focusing on three initial domains of data science research:

  • Health analytics
  • Artificial intelligence and cognitive science
  • Methods, tools, and infrastructure

Each domain is home to several New York State Center of Excellence in Data Science distinguished researchers.

Health Analytics

Using data to predict individual health outcomes (also known as health analytics) on the basis of treatments, genomics, lifestyle, and behavioral factors may lead to some of the biggest advances in healthcare. The potential to impact individual and public health by using data science is huge, and it is why health analytics is a priority. For more information see the health analytics research page.

Collaborative Pilot Award Program in Health Data Analytics

The Goergen Institute for Data Science is now offering a Collaborative Pilot Award Program in Health Data Analytics. The purpose of this award program is to promote new cross-campus, multidisciplinary collaborations with a goal to use data to predict and improve health outcomes. All applications are due May 31, 2016. See the Collaborative Pilot Award Program PDF for more information.

Request for Applications to Support Health Sciences Research Using High Performance Computational Resources

The Health Sciences Center for Computational Innovation (HSCCI) is seeking applications to support laboratory staff that will accelerate the research in computational biology and health, and to take advantage of the high performance computational resources of the University. Funds are available to support laboratory staff for short-term, early-phase work necessary to allow investigators to translate their ideas into computer code or models, and to get new biocomputational/health-related scientific projects up-and-running in the following areas: Modeling Complex Biological Systems and Integration of Big Data; Biomedical Imaging; Molecular and Fluid Dynamics; Biomedical Applications of Integrated Photonics; Biomedical Informatics; and Data Analysis and Visualization.  Applications are due Tuesday, October 31, 2017. See HSCCI Request for Applications PDF for more information.

Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science

Home of internationally recognized research in cognitive science and artificial intelligence, Rochester is uniquely positioned to advance our understanding of how the brain makes sense of the world. Modeling and replicating human perception is one of the most ambitious and exciting domains in data science and Big Data.

Computer scientists and cognitive scientists at the University of Rochester are using data science to help make the world a better, more connected, and healthier place. For more information see the artificial intelligence and cognitive science research page.

Methods, Tools, and Infrastructure

Through multidisciplinary research, the institute develops computational methods, tools, and infrastructure that drive discovery in science, business, medicine, the humanities, and virtually every other field. This computational framework allows researchers to efficiently collect large amounts of data, manipulate it, and then surround it with the right computing resources and statistical expertise to make sense of it. For more information see the methods, tools, and infrastructure research page.