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Undergraduate Program

Capstone Project

Through the capstone project our students have the opportunity to work with industries to conduct real-world analytics projects using data provided by sponsoring organizations. Capstone students will work in teams of three to four members over the semester to understand the business problem, clean and analyze the data, and devise a solution. Students also explore ethical issues related to the use of data science.

The capstone project is available to upper-class students, and satisfies an upper-level writing requirement.

You can view descriptions of recent capstone projects, news articles, and testimonials here.

Capstone Schedule

Capstone projects are a culmination of students' coursework at the Goergen Institute for Data Science. The projects enable students to apply what they’ve learned in the classroom to “real-world” challenges, working in partnership with sponsoring companies and other outside organizations.

During a semester-long course, students are organized in teams of three to four, and follow this timeline:

Weeks one and two: Students attend classes and lectures on project management concepts, data science lifecycle concepts, data visualization, and a review of data cleaning.

Weeks three and four: Representatives of companies and other organizations present their projects to students. Students are assigned to projects based on their ranking of preferences, but also on the individual skills they can bring to a project.

Weeks five through ten: Students work on their project, directly communicating weekly or biweekly with company sponsors.

Weeks eleven and twelve: Students give final presentations and write up individual final reports. Final versions of software code developed are archived and submitted to the sponsoring companies as deliverables.

For a detailed look at what the capstone project entails check out Capstone projects: ‘A taste of the real world’.