The Center of Excellence in Data Science (CoE) is housed in the Goergen Institute for Data Science and funded by the New York State Department of Economic Development. The NYSTAR CoE program helps to drive regional economic development through supporting basic research, training, and technology development.

The CoE is committed to applying data science methods and tools to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges in sectors including:

  • Health analytics and digital health
  • Imaging and image understanding
  • Optics
  • Computer/human vision
  • Life sciences and biomedicine
  • Immersive and interactive systems (including human-computer interaction, augmented and virtual reality, robotics)
  • Complex systems and network data science
  • Economics and business data analytics
  • AI-augmented learning and work
  • Defense and security 
  • Environment and energy

Partnerships between the University, industry, academia, and governmental entities leverage the strengths of each organization while serving common goals of discovery and innovation, ultimately resulting in regional economic development.

Center of Excellence in Data Science