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Asaro Biggar Professorships/Fellowships in Data Science

University Trustee Stephen Biggar ’92 and his wife, Elisabeth Asaro-Biggar ’92, have made a leadership gift to support data science at the University of Rochester. This gift has enabled the establishment of the Stephen Biggar ’92 and Elisabeth Asaro ’92 Professorship/Fellowship in Data Science and the Asaro Biggar Family Professorship/Fellowship in Data Science.

The funds from this gift are used to support tenured or tenure-track Arts, Sciences and Engineering faculty members doing research in varied disciplines who use data science methods to frame, analyze, and resolve the most pressing issues in their fields. The Biggars’ gift helps the University recruit and retain the best talent in the rapidly growing and competitive field of data science by funding fellowships for junior faculty and professorships for senior faculty. The fellowships carry a term of three years and allow the University to honor and encourage outstanding faculty early in their careers.

“Academic programs like these require the best people behind them. We saw this as an opportunity to help build the data science program at an important, formative stage. With top faculty, Rochester can be at the forefront of the field.”

Stephen Biggar ’92

Current and Past Asaro Biggar Fellows

Gourab Ghoshal 

headshot of gourab ghoshal

Associate Professor of Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science
Stephen Biggar ’92 and Elisabeth Asaro ’92 Fellow in Data Science (2020-2023)


Research Interests: Theory and applications of Complex Networks, Non-equilibrium Statistical Physics, Game theory, Econophysics, Dynamical Systems and the Origins of Life.

Gonzalo Mateos

headshot of gonzalo mateos

Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Asaro Biggar Family Fellow in Data Science (2020-2023)


Research Interests: Statistical learning from Big Data, network science, decentralized optimization and graph signal processing, with applications in dynamic network health monitoring, social, power grid and Big Data analytics.

Amanda Larracuente

headshot of amanda larracuente

Assistant Professor of Biology
Stephen Biggar ’92 and Elisabeth Asaro ’92 Fellow in Data Science (2017-2020)


Research Interests: Evolutionary genetics and genomics; Intragenomic conflict and the evolution of selfish DNA; Evolutionary and functional genomics of satellite DNA; Sex chromosome and dot chromosome evolution in Drosophila.

M. Ehsan Hoque

headshot of m ehsan hoque

Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Asaro Biggar Family Fellow in Data Science (2017-2020)


Research Interests: Human Computer Interaction; Artificial Intelligence; Interactive machine learning; Ubiquitous Computing; Assistive Technologies.