Anushka Jain

Graduate Student, The Ghaemmaghami Lab

You work in a laboratory.  What are you currently researching?

I am a second year PhD student with Prof. Sina Ghaemmaghami. I am currently trying to establish single cell proteomics (SCP) in the lab, with the help of Mass Spec Resource lab at URMC. Single cell proteomics will help us capture the cellular heterogeneity that often gets lost when working with bulk amounts. We eventually plan on studying protein turnover using SCP.

What do you enjoy most about working here at the U of R?

I feel that the department is close-knit and people are always happy to help each other. I also love that we have the Genesee River flowing right next to Hutchison. After working in the lab, I like to take a walk near the river to relax.

What’s the most important thing that you’ve learned working here and/or studying biology?

The starting of anything – a new degree, entering a new field, a new experiment – is often challenging. But with time and enough effort, it gets better. So, whenever feeling overwhelmed, just get started and eventually everything will fall into place.

How do you unwind when you’re not in the lab?

I like going for walks, spending some time in nature, or reading a book. My favorite spots in Rochester are the Genesee River docks, Mount Hope Cemetery and the Erie Canal Trail.

What is one thing about yourself that you’d like more people to know?

I’d never had celery until a couple of days ago… and I am not a fan!