Minseon Lee

Graduate Student, The Gorbunova/Seluanov Lab

You work in a laboratory. What are you currently researching?

I work in the Gorbunova & Seluanov lab and study mechanisms of aging. SIRT6 has an important role in DNA repair and heterochromatin regulation. My current research focuses on the role of SIRT6 in rejuvenating the epigenome and maintaining genomic stability in aged cells.

What was it that originally sparked your interest in biology?

The natural world has always intrigued me. When I was young, I lived in the countryside with my grandparents who operated a farm where we raised many kinds of livestock, including milk cows, goats, chickens, rabbits, and dogs. My brother and I used to go to the farm and play with animals. These memories always relaxed me and led me to wonderous nature.

What do you enjoy most about working here at the U of R?

People in our lab help each other well, and they are eager to learn new things that they would like to know. The Genesee River flows right next to the biology building. Whenever I want to get some fresh air after a long day or from being overwhelmed with the experiments, I go for a walk along the river. Then you feel much better.

What’s the most important thing that you’ve learned working here and/or studying biology?

When you design and conduct the experiments, many times you fail and can not prove your thoughts. It is normal and happens to everyone, so try to find other ways to find your thesis and do not be stressed about it too much. If you keep doing it, then you will find your answer in the end.

How do you unwind when you’re not in the lab?

I love to walk along the Genesee River and go hiking in NY state. There are lots of places to enjoy nature around Rochester. I also like to listen to music.