Thomas Lyon

Teaching Lab Assistant

What is your current role in the Department of Biology?

I’m the lab technician for the Teaching Labs. Basically, we prep and manage all of the undergraduate biology labs.

What was it that originally sparked your interest in biology?

I’d say that I’ve always had an interest in biology. I spent my early life taking care of our farm animals, catching frogs in our pond, and getting lost in the woods. Being exposed to so much diversity in nature made me curious about how life works. From learning how evolution occurred, to the intricacies of how our bodies function and the advancements we can make through genetic engineering, how can you not have an interest in biology?

What advice would you give to prospective students looking to study in our department?

Network. So much of professional life is about making connections. Talk to peers, talk to professors, talk to faculty. You never know when something will open up and give you an opportunity you wouldn’t otherwise look for. Additionally, I rarely have conversations where I don’t learn something new, so keep an open ear and an open mind; everybody has a story to tell.

How do you unwind when you’re not in the lab?

It depends on the season. Dirt biking, skiing, kayaking, videogames, books, bars, and board games are classics for me.

What is one thing about yourself that you’d like more people to know?

I’ve been donating blood since I was eligible and have donated over 4 gallons so far.