Jenna Lentini

Graduate Student, The Fu Lab

You work in a laboratory.  What are you currently researching?

Currently, I am working to understand the role of putative human tRNA modification enzymes in vivo and how defects in proper modification status can cause human disorders.

What was it that originally sparked your interest in biology?

I remember when I was four I received a Sesame Street doctors kit for Easter and pretended to “fix” my dad for hours upon hours. Since then, I knew I wanted to contribute to better understanding human diseases. 

What do you enjoy most about working here at the U of R?

I love the sense of community here at the University. There are always collaborations going on between different departments, and events to get to know people from all different perspectives. I especially appreciate our close-knit department and how approachable and willing to help everyone is.  

What’s the most important thing that you’ve learned working here and/or studying biology? 

Working in biology, or any science for that matter, you are oftentimes faced with things that go awry or just not the way you had planned.  However, you cannot let that discourage you. You need to learn how to make each setback a learning opportunity and take that knowledge and use it going forward.

How do you unwind when you’re not in the lab?

Basically, I enjoy anything to do with food. Eating too much of it and trying new restaurants, cooking new recipes or binge-watching Chopped and other Food Network shows. I also like to be outdoors as much as possible when the weather is nice.