Benjamin Fuller

Laboratory Technician, The Fu Lab

You work in a laboratory.  What are you currently researching?

I am working with Dr. Fu to help elucidate more functions of tRNA methyl-transferase TRMT1 and its implications on several cellular processes.

What was it that originally sparked your interest in biology?

My mother was my chemistry teacher in high school so I was always interested in science, but biology always appealed to me because the knowledge I learned could be directly applied to understanding diseases and other aspects of human life.

What do you enjoy most about working here at the U of R?

The people, I can’t say that I have had a negative interaction with any of the faculty or students. Working in a field where things can get stressful quickly, it’s nice to be surrounded by people you can rely on.

How do you think our biology department stands out in comparison to other universities?

I think that the quality of faculty here is fantastic. I have been fortunate enough to interact with several faculty members and some of the solutions and experiments that they devise are brilliant. 

How do you unwind when you’re not in the lab?

I am an outdoorsman - I try to do a little bit of everything when it comes to being outside - horseback riding, fishing, sailing, tennis, snowboarding etc.