Roxan Stephenson

Graduate Student, The Welte Lab

You work in a laboratory.  What are you currently researching?

I am a second year graduate student in the Welte Lab. Previous studies in our lab showed that the novel Drosophila protein, Jabba, acts to anchor histones to lipid droplets.  I am currently working to further understand the structure and function of Jabba.

What advice would you give to prospective students looking to study in our department?

I think it’s important to keep an open mind and to have fun during the learning process. Find a research topic that captivates you. U of R provides an ideal environment for growth as a young scientist.

What’s the most important thing that you’ve learned working here and/or studying Biology?

I’ve learned the importance of maintaining a positive attitude towards disappointments or challenges that you may face in research. Treating each setback as an opportunity to learn and grow makes you appreciate the end result even more.

How do you think our biology department stands out in comparison to other universities?

The U of R biology department is unique in that there’s a strong sense of community within very diverse labs.

How do you unwind when you’re not in the lab?

When I’m not in lab, I love cooking. I also set aside time for working out, simply enjoying the South Wedge with friends, or catching up with my family on FaceTime.