Sina Ghaemmaghami

Sina Ghaemmaghami

  • Mercer Brugler Distinguished Teaching Professor
  • George Y. and Catherine H. Wu Professor in Chemistry
  • Professor of Biology
  • Director, AS&E Undergraduate Research


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326A Hutchison
(585) 275-4829
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Research Overview

Our laboratory studies the mechanisms of protein folding and degradation within cells. We investigate how cells maintain a balance between these two processes, and how this homeostasis is affected by disease and aging. The projects in the lab draw on a number of disciplines including protein biochemistry, proteomics and computational biology. Current research areas include:

• development of proteomic methodologies for global analysis of cellular protein degradation
• uncovering the mechanism of selectivity in macroautophagy
• analysis of the kinetics and efficiency of cellular protein folding
• mechanistic studies of prion aggregate formation and characterization of novel anti-prion compounds

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Research Interests

  • Protein folding and degradation
  • Neurodegenerative diseases and aging
  • Prion biology
  • Proteomics

Selected Publications

  • Swovick K, Firsanov D, Welle KA, Hryhorenko J, Wise JP, George C, Sformo TL, Seluanov A, Gorbunova V, Ghaemmaghami S. Interspecies differences in proteome turnover kinetics are correlated with lifespans and energetic demands. Mol Cell Proteomics. 2021 Jan 7;20:100041. PMID: 33372049. 
  • Bettinger J.Q., Welle K.A., Hryhorenko J.R., Ghaemmaghami S. (2020) Quantitative analysis of in vivo methionine oxidation of the human proteome. J Proteome Res. 19(2):624-633. PMID: 31801345; PMCID: PMC7077757. 
  • Hutti C.R., Welle K.A., Hryhorenko J.R., Ghaemmaghami S.(2020) Global analysis of protein degradation in prion infected cells. Sci Rep. 10(1):10800. PMID: 32612191; PMCID: PMC7329860. 
  • Walker E.J., Bettinger J.Q., Welle K.A., Hryhorenko J.R., Ghaemmaghami S. (2019) Global analysis of methionine oxidation provides a census of folding stabilities for the human proteome. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA. 116(13):6081-6090. PubMed [journal] PMID: 30846556. 
  • Swovick K, Welle KA, Hryhorenko J, Seluanov A, Gorbunova V, Ghaemmaghami S. (2018) Cross-species comparison of proteome turnover kinetics. Molecular & cellular proteomics:. 17(4):580-591. PubMed [journal] PMID: 29321186. 
  • Zhang T, Wolfe C, Pierle A, Welle KA, Hryhorenko JR, Ghaemmaghami S. (2017) Proteome-wide modulation of degradation dynamics in response to growth arrest. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA. 114(48):E10329-E10338. PubMed [journal] PMID: 29133406, PMCID: PMC5715755. 
  • Zhang T, Shen S, Qu J, Ghaemmaghami S. (2016) Global Analysis of Cellular Protein Flux Quantifies the Selectivity of Basal Autophagy. Cell Rep. Mar 15;14(10):2426-39. 
  • Welle K., Zhang T., Hyrohorenko J., Shen S., Qu J., Ghaemmaghami S. (2016) Time-resolved analysis of proteome dynamics by TMT-SILAC hyperplexing Mol. Cel. Proteomics Dec;15(12):3551-3563. 
  • Zhang T, Nouri E, Li J, Price JC, Hellerstein M, Qu J, Ghaemmaghami S. (2014) Kinetics of precursor labeling in SILAC experiments. Anal. Chem. Nov 18;86(22):11334-41. 
  • Price JC, Ghaemmaghami S. (2014) Analysis of proteome dynamics in mice by isotopic labeling. Methods. Mol. Biol. 1156:111-31. 
  • Miller-Vedam L, Ghaemmaghami S. (2013) Strain Specificity and Drug Resistance in Anti-Prion Therapy. Cur. Top. Med. Chem. 13(19):2397-406. 
  • Price JC, Guan S, Burlingame A, Prusiner SB, Ghaemmaghami S (2011) Analysis of proteome dynamics in the mouse brain. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA Aug 10;107(32):14508-13.