Department News

Department of Biology Creates Online Content for the Summer Upward Bound Program

June 22, 2020

The Department of Biology is excited to participate in the Upward Bound Program again this summer. This year will look a little different. Due to restrictions on in-person gatherings and keeping safety a number one priority, the David T. Kearns Center is hosting all classes online. Because of this change, faculty, students, and staff in the Department of Biology have worked hard to make creative and engaging online lessons and materials on a range of topics for the Upward Bound students.

Four labs created online “workshops” this year. With the Larracuente lab, students will observe firefly courtship rituals; with the Bergstralh lab, they will learn about animal development through microscopy videos and live footage. The Brisson lab created follow-along experimental tutorials about aphids, and the Chen lab made videos and short online activities to demonstrate how genes and traits pass from parents to offspring.

Many thanks to the Upward Bound staff and the Department of Biology members for their continued support and enthusiasm for bringing the University of Rochester together with its surrounding community.