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If you're looking to put together a course of study during your undergraduate years that might build your skills as an actor, enrich your creative life and knowledge as a director, or generally help you transition into the world of the performing arts (both onstage and offstage), here are some courses that we (i.e. the Theatre Program) recommend. We'll be adding to this list as we discover more classes to share with you, but this is a start.

Using your body as an instrument to express thought and emotion is one of the backbones of an actor's technique. These dance classes may help cultivate a heightened awareness of your body. See the CDCS for course descriptions.

DAN 102: Fundamentals of Movement

DAN 110: Beginning Dance Techniques: Jazz, Modern and Ballet

DAN 140: Beginning Tap

DAN 202: Contact Improvisation

DAN 217: Body as Medium: Performance Art

DAN 265: Contemporary Dance

DAN 270: Capoeira: Brazilian Art Movement