Over the years, thousands of students have passed through the doors of Todd Union, on their way to classes, performances, and rehearsals. Because of the unique nature of theatre, it is fair to say that more students have spent evening hours in Todd than in probably any other non-residential building on River Campus.

If you've slept on the floors, done homework in the lobby, hung precariously from the grid in the theatre, napped in the green room... you've had the "Todd Experience."

We like to think that experience enriched your lives, as it surely enriched all those who came to see your productions. We like to think that each generation of UR students who act, build, paint, sew, direct, stage manage, clean, sweep and mop, are inspired by the layers of history, imagination, dedication and enthusiasm that infuse Todd Theatre and Drama House.

So, if you're a Todd or Drama House alum, drop us a note and tell us what you've been up to and, if possible, pay us a visit. We've created a handy form to make it easier than ever to keep (and stay) in touch.

And this wouldn't be a bona fide alumni message without a call for your support, which is sorely needed.