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Fall 2021

Stupid Fucking Bird

By Aaron Posner

December 2–11, 2021

The UR International Theatre Program inaugurates its occupancy of the UR’s new Sloan Performing Arts Center’s Smith Theatre with a production of Stupid Fucking Bird, Aaron Posner’s award-winning contemporary riff on Anton Chekhov’s masterpiece, The Seagull. Dev loves Masha, but Masha loves Con, who loves Nina. But Nina is infatuated with Trig (who's infatuated right back). Problem is Emma loves Trig...and she's Con's Mom! And, can imagine!  Does losing your heart mean losing your mind and losing your dreams?  What determines free will: you or the person who writes your story?  In this extraordinarily perceptive, funny, and moving contemporary re-invention of Chekhov’s classic, The Seagull, Aaron Posner creates indelible characters who will charm you, engage you and break your heart.   Stupid Fucking Bird celebrates the complexities of love and art, success and failure, and our enduring ability to survive them all.


Hedwig and the Angry Inch

By Stephen Trask (Music & Lyrics), John Cameron Mitchell (Book)

February 25–March 5, 2022

Iconic glam rock meet genderqueer fabulosity in this landmark rock musical, given a new multi-Hedwig exuberant staging!  A botched gender-reassignment operation leaves Hedwig, a wannabe singer-songwriter, following her Rockstar love-interest, Tommy Gnosis, as he tours the country.  It’s a journey of self-discovery for Hedwig, who not only finds her voice, but also finds herself.  This multi-award-winning show is that rare rock musical that actually rocks!


Spring 2022


By Jose Rivera

April 21–30, 2022

A war in heaven between the angels and God spills over onto earth and threatens to plunge us all into chaos and bring about a post-apocalyptic world.  What happens when your guardian angel leaves you to join the revolution?  Cast out on the streets to face a crumbling world, a young woman, Marisol, discovers hope in destitution and transcendence in sacrifice as the dispossessed of the earth rise up to create a new beginning and a better world.  Suffused with poetry, dreamscapes, and magic realism, Jose Rivera’s Obie award-winning drama, Marisol, is an indelible theatrical experience and a contemporary masterpiece.  Rivera, the first Puerto Rican writer, ever to be nominated for an Academy Award (for The Motorcycle Diaries) is one of the most significant Latinx writers at work in Theatre and Film today.