Backstage and Technical Theatre


We're always looking for passionate, interested students who get a thrill out of working backstage!

Get involved and get academic credit, too!  You'll also get to work with expert scenic, lighting, and sound designers; props and costume makers, and makeup artists.  You'll learn valuable skills, meet (and network with) amazing people--both professionals and students!--and help create some of the most exciting theatre in Rochester!

Stage Management

Explore what its like to be the central, key person in the whole theatrical process and to stage manage a theatre production!   Register and take a class in stage management, or interview for a stage management position (come to any audition session to sign up).  You can even get a certificate in stage management.

Sets, Scenery and Scene Painting

Creating the envrionment in which a piece of theatre takes place is fascinating, challenging, and introduces you to a host of skills from carpentry, to painting, to welding, and so much more.  Create the amazing sets the UR International Theatre Program is justly known for and learn new skills by the dozen!  Contact Gordon at 275-9006 or

Give props to Props!

Props (short for "properties") are all the (generally) moveable things that actors touch and use onstage.  They're cool to research, crazy in their diversity, challenging to find, great to shop for, and interesting to paint, craft, alter, and rig!  Learn how to do all that and more!  Contact Mary at 275-3640 or for more information.

Costumes, Wardrobe, Hair and Makeup

"Clothes maketh the man" as the old saying goes...and costuming certainly makes the character!  Want to work with expert designers and help both create costumes for Todd shows but also get a chance to learn sewing and other skills (including mardrobe management)?  Have a talent for makeup and hair?  Email Nadine at to find out more about becoming involved in the world of costumes.