We have two spaces: the Sloan Performing Arts Center's Smith Theatre (SPAC) where our mainstage productions are produced, and Todd Theatre (where secondary events are held). Technical drawings and info for both spaces are below.

Smith Theatre (SPAC)

Notes on the Smith Theatre (SPAC/Sloan Performing Arts Center)

Some things that will be added to drawling/notes on inventory and space overview as we move further into the space:

  • House speakers that are not moveable (currently not in the drawings).
  • Any additional permanent lighting/hang positions (we are currently looking to add 5 cross positions per catwalk).
  • All fixtures are yoked at a 45 degree due to the nature of the catwalk and size of fixtures.
  • You cannot currently side arm off of the toe kick; all fixtures must be hung in typical vertical fashion (this is being addressed).
  • Smith has only 4 wireless mics available currently; the other 2 of the 6 are lobby specific.
  • All Smith headsets are currently double muffed (this is being addressed).

Smith: House Drawings (vwx)
Smith: Sound System Information and Drawings (pdf)
Smith: Lighting Inventory and Accessories (pdf)

Todd Theatre Groundplans and Elevations

Lighting Designers (pdf)
Lighting and Scenic Designers (vwx)
Scenic Designers (pdf)

Todd Theatre Sections/Elevations

East Elevation/Section (pdf)
North Elevation/Section (pdf)
South Elevation/Section (pdf)
West Elevation/Section (pdf)

Other Production Resources

Online Lighting Inventory (xlsx)
Online Sound and Video Equipment Inventory (Google spreadsheet)
Riser/Seating detail (CAD/dwg) also available as a (pdf) and (jpg)
Riser and Riser Leg Inventory (pdf)
Technical Workplace Injury Report (pdf)
Todd Theatre Curtain Inventory (pdf)
Todd Theatre Images
Todd Lobby Images
Todd Lobby Groundplan (pdf)