One-Act New Play Festival

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Our One-Act New Play Festival is back!

Our One-Act New Play Festival is back and under new management!  The festival presents short plays written, directed, acted, and designed by students. It's one of the most fun and popular events of the season and a great way to get involved in the Theatre Program with a lesser time commitment than one of our mainstage productions! See below for the many ways to get involved.

Audition for the One-Acts

Audition Dates: Monday, January 22, 2024 at 6pm

Audition Location: Todd Theatre Lobby (in Todd Union)

Audition Requirements: Prepare a 1 minute monologue.  If you don't have a monologue, just show up and we will give you something to read!

Write a One-Act

Write a short play that explores or can speak to the theme of "Time" (we're in a leap year!).

  • Plays must be approximately 10-15 minutes in length (about 10 typed pages)
  • Plays must require no more than 2-4 actors


Please read the following carefully:

  • Due Date for Submissions: Friday, November 3, 2023.
  • All scripts must be accompanied by a Submission Form.

Specific Instruction:

  1. Attach a hard copy of your play to the submission form (or enclose both in an 11 x13 envelope).
  2. Your name and contact information should ONLY BE ON THE SUBMISSION FORM and must not appear anywhere on the script (this is to ensure anonymous and fair judging of materials).
  3. The play’s TITLE needs to appear on every page of your submission (in a header, preferably).
  4. Please number all pages (in a footer, preferably).
  5. Plays MUST be submitted in TWO FORMATS:
    1. a hard copy (delivered to Todd Union, Room 207) accompanied by a submission form, and
    2. an electronic copy (PDF) emailed to  (Note: the electronic copy does not need a submission form attached)
  6. All scripts must be typed and stapled.  (Please do not bind your submission).
  7. All work must be yours and entirely original. 
  8. Plays that have received a prior performance anywhere (at the UR or elsewhere) will not be considered.
  9. If the play is a product of more than one writer, all names must be included on this submission form.

Questions?  Email Sara 

Direct a One-Act

Direct a one-act!


Contact Sara.

Design a One-Act

Get involved by being a costume, set, lighting, or sound designer for the One-Acts.


Costume designers should contact our Costume Shop Manager, Casey McNamara or Katie (KHam) Hamilton.

Set, lighting, and sound designers should contact Katie (KHam) Hamilton.