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Harry Reis

  • Professor of Psychology and Dean's Professor in Arts, Sciences, and Engineering

PhD, New York University, 1975

430 Meliora Hall
(585) 275-8697

Office Hours: By appointment

Curriculum Vitae

Research Overview

Professor Reis is not accepting student applications for the 2022-2023 academic year.

Professor Reis' research interests involve social interaction and close relationships.

Professor Reis studies the factors that influence the quantity and closeness of social interaction, and the consequences of different patterns of socializing for health and psychological well-being. In his research, subjects keep detailed records on their on-going social interaction. These are tabulated by computer and related to various factors such as sex role, health, and emotional well-being.

Professor Reis is also investigating some of the psychological processes that affect the course and conduct of close relationships. He is particularly interested in intimacy, attachment, and emotion regulation.

Courses Offered (subject to change)

  • PSYC 519:  General Linear Models (Data Analysis II)
  • PSYC 555:  Social Psychology of Close Relationships
  • PSYC 550:  Social Psychology of Emotion

Selected Publications