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Exploring language's complexity and structure

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Combining humanistic and scientific concerns

What is Linguistics?

Collaborating across departments and disciplines

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We offer degrees in Linguistics as well as many research opportunities for undergraduates

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Graduate Studies

Information on our cross-disciplinary PhD program and our three MA programs. 

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Our research investigates the structure, complexity and diversity of human languages.

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Professor Timothy Dye prepares momos, a type of dumpling native to Nepal and Tibet, and discusses the importance of food culture to his research during a cooking demo for students in the community kitchen in Frederick Douglass Building.

Feature Story

Food for thought—and research

For scholars in fields such as anthropology and linguistics, research is conducted living and working among people in different communities where a key component of their work is gaining the trust of the people there. There are many dimensions to gaining that trust, but among the most basic involves the sharing of food.

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Linguistic Colloquia

    There are no upcoming events at this time.


Why Linguistics?

Linguistics workshop

Linguistics training provides students with skills that are important in a rapidly changing society. They learn how to use analytic and theoretical tools, work in collaborative environments, and collect, document, and organize complex research data on human language. They also gain a deep appreciation and understanding of the value of a culturally and linguistically diverse environment.

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Recent News

Scott Grimm: Invited to talk at Tübingen

October 16, 2018

Scott Grimm has been invited to talk at the workshop "Challenges to Compositionality: Mismatches bet ...

Aaron White: Invited talk at Stanford

October 12, 2018

Aaron White presents the Linguistics Colloquium on "Distribution, Inference, and Event Structure", i ...

Scott Grimm nominated for Carnegie Fellowship

October 2, 2018

Scott Grimm has been nominated by the University of Rochester for the Andrew Carnegie Fellows Progra ...

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