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Karen Berger

Berger, Karen

  • Associate Professor of Instruction, Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Co-Chair, University Council on SustainabilityCoordinator, College Sustainability StudiesCurriculum Coordinator, Environmental Programs

Interests: Teaching Interests: Human use of and impacts on energy and water resources; community-engaged learning; metrics of sustainability

Chiara Borrelli

Borrelli, Chiara

  • Research Associate, Lecturer


Interests: paleoceanography; paleoclimatology; foraminifera; stable isotopes; trace elements; biomineralization


Rory D. Cottrell

Cottrell, Rory D.

  • Scientist


Interests: Paleomagnetism and paleointensity


Udo Fehn

Fehn, Udo

  • Professor Emeritus

Interests: Primary research focus is the movement of fluids in the earth's crust, with an emphasis on dating and tracing studies.


Carmala Garzione

Garzione, Carmala

  • Professor


Interests: Stable Isotopes in Terrestrial Paleoenvironmental Studies; Interaction between Climate and Tectonics; Sedimentary Basin Evolution and Related Tectonic History of Mountain Belts; Geochemical and Petrologic Provenance Studies of Siliciclastic Sedimentary Rocks


Penny Higgins

Higgins, Penny

  • Research Associate


Interests: Climate change since the Last Glacial Maximum in North America; Terrestrial climate change during the Paleocene Eocene Thermal Maximum in the Western Interior of North America; Climate change and faunal turnover at the boundary between the Torrejonian and Tiffanian North American Land Mammal "Ages"; Tooth growth rates and mineralization patterns in Notoungulate mammals



Ibanez-Mejia, Mauricio

  • Assistant Professor

Interests: Radiogenic isotope geochemistry; geochronology; tectonics of mountain belts and lithospheric evolution; large-scale sedimentary provenance; large igneous province magmatism; chronology and tectonics of terrane transfer and supercontinent accretion


John Kessler

Kessler, John

  • Professor


Interests: Chemical Oceanography; Isotope geochemistry; Analytical chemistry


Lawrence Lundgren

Lundgren, Lawrence L.

  • Professor Emeritus


Interests: Renewable energy systems in Europe-American applications; Environmental medicine


Gautam Mitra

Mitra, Gautam

  • Professor
  • Graduate Studies Director


Interests: Tectonic evolution of mountain belts; Finite strain and strain history analysis; Deformation mechanisms in rocks

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Murray, Lee

  • Assistant Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences


Interests: Application and development of 3-D global models of atmospheric chemistry and climate to examine various couplings between atmospheric chemistry and the climate system in the past, present and future.


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Nakajima, Miki

  • Assistant Professor


Interests: Dynamics of planetary impacts; evolution of planetary interiors; planet formation and evolution; early Earth, Earth-Moon formation, Modeling Enceladus plumes, Origin of the Martian moons; Exomoon formation; space missions


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Olugboji, Tolulope

  • Assistant Professor


Interests: High-Resolution 3-D Earth Imaging using Seismology (Tomography, Receiver Functions, Ambient Noise Dispersion Analysis, Spectral Analysis, Model description); Application of Computational Statistics to Geophysics (Bayesian Methods); Seismic Data Analysis using High-performance Computing (Large-N Seismic Arrays and Graph Theory), Geophysical Inverse Theory (Parameter Estimation and Uncertainty Quantification).


Vasilii Petrenko

Petrenko, Vasilii

  • Associate Professor
  • Curriculum Coordinator, Environmental Programs


Interests: Understanding natural and anthropogenic climate and environmental change, particularly from the perspective of atmospheric composition and chemistry.

Robert Poreda

Poreda, Robert J.

  • Professor


Interests: Professor Poreda's research focuses on novel applications of noble gas chemistry to the earth sciences, in seven diverse areas.


John A. Tarduno

Tarduno, John A.

  • Professor
  • Chair, Earth and Environmental Sciences


Interests: Paleomagnetism, Geomagnetism and Geodynamics, including rates of plate tectonic, hotspot and polar motion, mantle plume volcanism, long-term history of Earth's magnetic field (paleointensity, paleosecular variation and reversal frequency), origin of the geodynamo, magnetic shielding and planetary habitability, decay of the modern dipole magnetic field and archeomagnetism; Cretaceous climate; environmental magnetism.

Dustin Trail

Trail, Dustin

  • Assistant Professor

Interests: Experimental geochemistry; early Earth - including understanding the origin(s) of the oldest terrestrial rocks and minerals; planetary geology; astrobiology; lunar geochemistry; "water" in nominally anhydrous minerals; isotope geochemistry and geochronology of accessory minerals; redox chemistry of magmas, fluids, and minerals - including the application of synchrotron-based techniques


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Weber, Thomas

  • Assistant Professor


Interests: Ocean biogeochemical cycles, trace element oceanography, marine ecosystems and their response to climate change