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Seminar Schedule

Looking to attend geological, geomechanical and/or environment related seminars? The department sponsors several seminars throughout the year, bringing notable speakers from around the northeast. Check out the seminar schedule below for this year’s presentations.

Seminars take place Fridays at 3 p.m. in Hutchison 229, unless otherwise noted. Seminars are free and open to the public. Please direct any questions about this schedule to the seminar coordinator, Penny Higgins by email at

FALL 2018
August 31TBATBA
September 7TBATBA
September 14TBATBA
September 21Matthew Kohn
Boise State University
Shear heating in subduction zones resolves hot rocks vs. cold models debate
Host: Garzione
September 28TBATBA
October 5 (Meliora Weekend)TBATBA
October 12Katherine Allen
University of Maine
When the Ocean Exhaled: Rapid changes in Pacific Ocean carbon storage during the last glacial termination
Host: Borrelli
October 16 (Tuesday)Charles Estabrook
National Science Foundation
Funding Opportunities at the National Science Foundation:
An International Perspective
1:30-2:30 p.m. Goergen Hall Room 101
RSVP requested:
October 17 (Wednesday)Robert Anderson
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Deep-sea oxygen depletion and ocean carbon sequestration during the last ice age
12:45 p.m. Dewey Hall Room 2110E
October 19TBATBA
October 26TBATBA
November 2Various speakersGSA Practice Talks
November 9
Clayton Cox
Assistant Director for Federal Relations
University of Rochester
Science and Policy: Considerations at Multiple Scales of the Food-Energy-Water Nexus
November 16TBATBA
November 23
No SeminarNo Seminar
November 30TBATBA
December 7Various SpeakersAGU Practice Talks
December 14
(AGU WEEK; Reading Week)
January 25

Kendra Murray

Hamilton College

Oligocene magmatism: A key to the dramatic landscapes of the Colorado Plateau

Hosts: Garzione and Ibanez

January 30

Manfred Strecker

GSA Thompson Lecturer

Tectonics and climate of the southern Central Andes

Host: Garzione


1:45 pm in Hutch 229

February 15Ken Ridgway
Purdue University

Part 1: Cenozoic flat-slab subduction processes and the tectonic development of southern Alaska.

Part 2: Increasing diversity in STEM: Outreach to Native American communities

3:00 pm in the Lander Auditorium (Hutch 140)

Host: Tarduno

March 4

Gregor Golabek

University of Bayreuth


Laboratory and Numerical Experiments on
Stony-Iron Meteorite Formation


2:00 pm in Hutch 229

Host: Nakajima

March 8

A water budget dichotomy of rocky protoplanets from 26Al-heating

3:00 pm in Hutch 229

Host: Nakajima