Faculty Directory



Allen James

Allen, James F.

John H. Dessauer Professor of Computer Science
Professor of Linguistics
Professor of Brain and Cognitive Sciences | (585) 275-7263
721 CSB

Interests: Natural language understanding; Discourse; Knowledge representation; Common-sense reasoning; Planning


UR photo

Brisson, Jennifer

Assistant Professor | (585) 275-8392
310 Hutchison

Interests: Evolution of morphology; Molecular basis of phenotypic plasticity; Evolution and development in the pea aphid; The role of epigenetics in polyphenism


Jessica Cantlon

Cantlon, Jessica

Assistant Professor | (585) 276-5292, (585) 276-5150, (585) 276-5099
321 Meliora Hall

Robert Clark

Clark, Robert

Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Dean of the Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Senior Vice President for Research, University of Rochester | (585) 275-4151
309 Lattimore Hall

Interests: Dynamic systems; Measurement and control; Single-molecule mechanics; Bio-nano-manufacturing; Scaffolds for tissue engineering

Jean Philippe Couderc

Couderc, Jean Philippe

Associate Professor of Department of Medicine, Cardiology Heart Research | (585) 275-1096
4322 Saunders Research Building

Interests: Electrocardiography ; Electrophysiological signals


Rajiv Dewan

Dewan, Rajiv

Professor of Computers and Information Systems | (585) 275-3827
3-333B  Carol Simon Hall

Interests: Economics; Organizational and industrial organization issues in Information systems and technology area

Ray Dorsey

Dorsey, E. Ray

David M. Levy Professorship in Neurology
Director of Center for Human Experimental Therapeutics | (585) 276-6824

Interests: Movement disorders, neurological disorders

Sandhya Dwarkadas

Dwarkadas, Sandhya

Albert Arendt Hopeman Professor and Chair of Computer Science
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering | (585) 275-5647
717 CSB

Interests: Parallel and distributed computing; Computer architecture and networks; Interaction and interface between the compiler, runtime system, and underlying architecture; Software distributed shared memory; Integrated compiler and runtime support for parallelism; Simulation methodology; Uniprocessor and multiprocessor architectures; Parallel applications development; Performance evaluation

Timothy Dye

Dye, Timothy

Associate Chair, Research and Professor of Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology (SMD) | (585) 276-6953
255 Crittenden Blvd.

Interests: Applied public health, particularly within marginalized, isolated, and global; Social and cultural determinants of health


Adam Frank

Frank, Adam

Professor of Physics and Astronomy | (585) 275-1717
417A Bausch & Lomb Hall

Interests: Theoretical Astrophysics; Hydrodynamic and magneto-hydrodynamic evolution of matter ejected from stars; Jets from Young Stellar Objects; Bipolar outflows from evolved stars such as Planetary Nebulae and Massive stars; Large scale numerical simulations; Plasma astrophysical research; Magnetic diffusion in interstellar clouds and the evolution of solar magnetic flux tubes


Gourab Ghoshal

Ghoshal, Gourab

Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy | (585) 276-7748
464 Bausch and Lomb Hall

Interests: Complex systems; Game theory; Econophysics; Non-equilibrium statistical physics; Dynamical systems

Daniel Gildea

Gildea, Daniel

Professor of Computer Science
gildea@cs | (585) 275-7230
609 CSB

Interests: Statistical approaches to natural language processing; Machine translation; Language understanding


Ralf Haefner

Haefner, Ralf

Assistant Professor of Brain and Cognitive Sciences | (585) 275-4801

Interests: Understanding how the brain forms percepts; Machine learning to construct mathematical models to explain neural responses and behavior

Elaine Hill

Hill, Elaine

Assistant Professor of Public Health Sciences | (585) 275-0165
265 Crittenden Blvd.

Interests: health impacts of pollution; health care utilization, quality and access; human capital formation

Ehsan Hoque

Hoque, M. Ehsan

Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

mehoque at | (585) 275-1351
710 Computer Sciences Building

Interests: Human Computer Interaction; Social Skills Training; Interactive machine learning; Ubiquitous Computing ; Assistive Technology

Thomas Howard

Howard, Thomas M.

Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering | (585) 275-3755
344 HPN

Interests: Artificial Intelligence; Robotics; Machine Learning; Natural Language Understanding


Orna Intrator

Intrator, Orna

Professor of Department of Public Health Sciences (SMD) | (585) 275-0624
400 Fort Hill Ave. Canandaigua VAMC


Robert Jacobs

Jacobs, Robert A.

Professor, Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Computer Science, and the Center for Visual Science | (585) 275-0753
306 Meliora Hall

Interests: cognitive and perceptual learning; neural computation


Henry Kautz

Kautz, Henry

Professor of Computer Science
Robin and Tim Wentworth Director of the Goergen Institute for Data Science | (585) 520-1200
723 CSB

Interests: Artificial intelligence; Pervasive computing; Data science



Liu, Ji

Assistant Professor of Computer Science
614 Computer Sciences Building

Coeil Lopes

Lopes, Coeli

Research Associate Professor of Department of Medicine, Aab Cardiovascular Research Institute | (585) 276-9784
A116D 211 Bailey Rd

Interests: Understanding the regulation of ion channels by diverse G-protein signaling pathways in normal and pathological states; Long QT syndrome; KCNE1

Jiebo Luo

Luo, Jiebo

Associate Professor of Computer Science | (585) 276-5784
611 Computer Sciences Building

Interests: Computer Vision; Machine learning; Data Mining; Social Media; Biomedical Informatics; Human Computer Interaction; Ubiquitous and Mobile Computing


Gonzalo Mateos

Mateos, Gonzalo

Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering | (585) 275-5930
413 HPN

Interests: Statistical Signal Processing; Networks; Machine Learning; Decentralized Optimization

Matthew McCall

McCall, Matthew

Assistant Professor of Biostatistics and of Biomedical Genetics of University of Rochester Dept. of Biostatistics and Computational Biology | (585) 273-3177
4143 Saunders Research Building

Interests: Statistical genomics; Systems biology; Bioinformatics

Jude Mitchell

Mitchell, Jude

Assistant Professor, Brain and Cognitive Sciences
311 Meliora Hall

Interests: How spatial attention alters statistics of neuronal spiking; Extracellular classification of neuronal types in awake animals; Systems identification models of sensory processing and attention; Network models of spiking neurons and correlations in firing; Human psychophysics in object-based attention, recognition, and perceptual learning

Carl Mueller

Mueller, Carl

Professor of Department of Mathematics
Please see link below | (585) 441-5029
802 Hylan Hall

Interests: Random systems with spatial dependence; Stochastic partial differential equations and measure-valued processes; Qualitative properties of such processes


Steven Piantadosi

Piantadosi, Steven

Assistant Professor, Brain and Cognitive Sciences | (585) 275-8689
307 Meliora Hall

Interests: language learning, language processing, computational modeling


Rajeev Raizada

Raizada, Rajeev

Assistant Professor, Brain and Cognitive Sciences | (585) 275-8673
314 Meliora Hall

Interests: Multivoxel pattern analysis of fMRI; Language, semantics; Structure of neural representations; Computational modeling

Huaxia Rui

Rui, Huaxia

Assistant Professor of Business Administration of Simon Graduate School of Business Administration | (585) 275-4278
3-318 Carol Simon Hall

Interests: Social media analytics; Online word of mouth; Online advertising


Vincent Silenzio

Silenzio, Vincent

Associate Professor of Department of Psychiatry, Research (SMD) - Primary
Associate Professor of Department of Family Medicine (SMD)
Associate Professor of Department of Public Health Sciences (SMD) | (585) 275-6069
1-7285 300 Crittenden Blvd.

Interests: Social informatics; Machine learning; Network analysis to support public health and public policy needs

Robert Strawderman

Strawderman, Robert

Donald M. Foster MD Distinguished Professor of Biostatistics
Chair of Department of Biostatistics and Computational Biology (SMD) | (585) 275-6688
4122 Saunders Research Building

Interests: Statistical learning methods with applications to risk prediction and survival analysis; Statistical and computational modeling for high dimensional data; Semiparametric models; Statistical inference for stochastic processes; Collaborative research


Juilee Thakar

Thakar, Juilee

Assistant Professor of Department of Microbiology and Immunology (SMD) | (585) 276-6925
3-9611  Kornberg Medical Research Building

Interests: Bioinformatics; Systems biology; Dynamic Modeling Tools

David Topham

Topham, David

Professor of Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Center for Vaccine Biology and Immunology (SMD) – Primary | (585) 273-1403
3-9631 Kornberg Medical Research Building

Interests: Virus infections of the respiratory tract; Influenza and immunity


Andrew White

White, Andrew

Assistant Professor | (585) 276-7395
208C Gavett Hall

Interests: Materials Design; Self-Assembly; Computer Simulation ; Machine Learning

David R. Williams

Williams, David R.

William G. Allyn Professor of Medical Optics
Professor of Optics
Professor of Brain and Cognitive Sciences
Professor of Ophthalmology
Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Dean for Research in Arts, Sciences and Engineering
Director of the Center for Visual Science | (585) 275-8672
270 Meliora Hall

Interests: The Human Visual System; Physiological Optics

Axel Wismueller

Wismueller, Axel

Professor of Department of Imaging Sciences (SMD) - Primary
Professor of Department of Biomedical Engineering (SMD)
Professor of Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering | (585) 273-1689
2A218 Medical Center Annex Building

Interests: Innovative strategies for computational radiology; data exploration, pattern recognition, visualization, and machine learning methods for biomedical imaging


Martin Zand

Zand, Martin

Professor of Department of Medicine, Nephrology (SMD) – Primary | (585) 275-7753
601 Elmwood Ave.

Interests: Organ transplantation; B cell immunobiology, vaccine biology, and computational modeling of immune responses