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Do I need TOEFL or IELTS scores if I am enrolled in a MS program in the US or other English-speaking country?

Yes. This requirement is only waived for English native speakers and for students who earned their undergraduate degree in a university where instruction is officially in English.

If my TOEFL score, GRE score, or GPA is below the minimum specified in your page, do I have a chance of being admitted?

Yes, if the other parts of your application are particularly strong. The committee will look at your application as a whole.

Is the verbal part of the GRE important?

Yes, all parts of the GRE are important.

Is the GRE test required?

No, we do not require a GRE score. However, we do recommend taking the test and submitting your scores.

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Bridging Course

How will I know if I need the summer bridging course?

Your offer letter will state whether or not you need to take the summer bridging course. This requirement is based on previous coursework, employment, and grades.

Is the summer bridging course an introductory level computer science class?

No, it is an intermediate-level course. If you do not have introductory-level programming knowledge, additional summer courses may be required for entry into the program.

What if I can’t start in the summer in order to take the bridging course?

If for some reason, you are unable to make it to the University of Rochester during the summer semester and your offer was contingent upon completion of the summer course, the Graduate Admissions Committee reserves the right to rescind your acceptance.

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MS Program

Is your program STEM-certified?


Can I take longer than one year to complete the program?

In rare circumstances, we allow a student to take the program with part-time status. The program is designed to be cohort-based so all full-time students must complete the program in two semesters (one academic year).

Can I take the program at night or online?

Courses for this program are only offered during the day and all require in-person attendance.

Do you offer any teaching assistant opportunities?

Not at this time.

I am an international applicant, and after completing the MS degree I want to get a job in the US. Are jobs more restricted for foreign citizens?

It depends on the area. Some companies and national laboratories do require US citizenship or permanent residency (green card), or have limited offers for foreign citizens.

What is the typical cost of the MS program?

The amount of tuition for the MS program will vary depending on whether a partial tuition waiver is offered within the acceptance letter. See the Graduate Studies Office’s estimated expenses page for more information.

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes, at this time we are offering scholarships to qualified candidates.

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