Graduate Program

MS Program

Our Master of Science in Data Science program is accredited by New York State and provides a strong background in the both the fundamentals and applications of data science.

The program can be completed in either two semesters (fall/spring) or three semesters (fall/spring/fall) of full-time study. The two semester version is appropriate for students who enter with a strong background in computer science and mathematics, and are eager to take on a relatively heavy course load (four courses per semester) in order to graduate quickly. In the three semester version, students take three courses per semester, and many students work at internships during the summer between the spring and fall semesters. (Our program provides opportunities for students to meet corporate recruiters and provides advice on applying for internships, but we do not guarantee placement in an internship.)

The program is designed for students with a background in any field of science, engineering, mathematics, or business. We welcome mid-career applicants as well as students fresh out of college. Prospective students should have experience in programming, and should be comfortable with first-year college mathematics.

The components of the program are as follows:

A total of 30 credits are required to complete the program (without the bridging course) and many students will finish the program with more than 30 credits, depending on the elective area courses they select.

Optional Summer Bridging Course

*Students will be notified in their offer letter if they are required to take this course.  

Core Courses

Area Courses

A minimum of 10 credits total required, across three areas. Eight or more of these credits in one specific area will qualify as a concentration. Students have the option to substitute an independent study (DSC 491) in place of an area course with the appropriate permissions.

Computational and Statistical Methods

Health and Biomedical Sciences

Business and Social Science*

*Please note that any course in this concentration that is housed in the Simon Business School does not run on the semester system and is offered at a different credit hour rate than AS&E courses.