Undergraduate Program


The data science major combines computer science, statistics, and a student's choice of advanced coursework in an application area, such as:

Choosing Between a BA and a BS

While many of the requirements between the BA and BS program are the same, BS students must take three additional supplementary courses. With fewer courses, the BA program gives students more flexibility and is usually the preferred choice for students looking to double major. Alternatively, students in the BS program get a more in-depth look at data science.

Planning and Declaring a Data Science Major

In order to plan and declare your major, please visit the Multidisciplinary Studies Center.  For email inquiries, contact gids-undergrad@rochester.edu.

Job Growth

The Department of Labor projects a 25 percent growth rate in employment for data scientist and analysts through the year 2018. Also, in a recent survey 76 percent of the 1,400 CIOs surveyed said their companies weren’t gathering customer data such as demographics or buying habits. Among those that were gathering such data, more than half said they lacked sufficient staff to access customer data and generate reports and other business insights from it. (Source: Robert Half Technology. Read more on Forbes.com)