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I'm an Eastman student. Can I audition?

Yes! We'd love you to.

I'm not a UR student, can I audition?

Sorry! Auditions are only open to undergraduate and graduate students currently registered at the UR.

What if I don't have a monologue?

Show up, we'll give you something to read. Need audition tips?  Click here.

What if I've never acted before?

It doesn't matter. If you don't try out, you'll never give yourself the chance you deserve! Need audition tips?  Click here.

Can I bring in a poem/piece of prose/something I wrote, instead of a monologue?

Sure, bring in anything that you think will show you off in the best light.

Do I have to memorize my audition piece?

We generally find that helps, but if it's going to cause you undue stress don't worry about it.  Need audition tips?  Click here.

Have another question?

Contact Nigel or for audition tips?  Click here.