Fall 2019, vol. 7, no. 1

Working Papers in the Language Sciences at the University of Rochester (WPLS:UR) is an online publication of working papers from the University's interdisciplinary language sciences community.

The entire volume and individual papers are both available in PDF format below.

Entire volume

Editors: Peter Guekguezian

Krauss (2005) Tonogenesis Tables: IPA Transcription

Joyce McDonough

Memory Retrieval in Mandarin Chinese Reflexive Processing: Evidence against the Local Search Hypothesis

Yuhang Xu and Jeffrey T. Runner

How to Use Young and Morgan's 1987 'The Navajo Language'

Joyce McDonough

Templatic Morphology in Chukchansi Yokuts

Peter Guekguezian

Documenting Intonational Prosody: Comparison of Three Dene/Athabaskan (ISO 639-3) Languages using Data from Different Tasks

Joyce McDonough

Vowel Contrasts in SaySiyat (Saisiyat)

Peter Guekguezian and Yuyi Zhou

Appendix for Krauss (2005) Tonogenesis Tables: IPA Transcription: The Tables

Joyce McDonough