Spring/Summer 2000, vol. 1, no. 1

Working Papers in the Language Sciences at the University of Rochester (WPLS:UR) is an online publication of working papers from the University's interdisciplinary language sciences community.

The entire volume and individual papers are both available in PDF format below.

Entire volume

Editors: Katherine Crosswhite and Joyce McDonough

Allowable variability: A preliminary investigation of word recognition in Navajo

Joyce McDonough and Mary Ann Willie, pp. 1-23

Comparison of intonation patterns in Mandarin and English for a particular speaker

Katrina Schack, pp. 24-55

Simple recurrent networks and competition effects in spoken word recognition

James S. Magnuson, Michael K. Tanenhaus, and Richard N. Aslin, pp. 56-71

Connectionist modeling for... er... linguists

Bob McMurray, pp. 72-96

"Mismatches" of form and interpretation

Greg Carlson, pp. 97-106

Vowel reduction in Russian: A unified account of standard, dialectal, and "dissimilative" patterns

Katherine Margaret Crosswhite